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Fighting for Injured Workers Throughout the Central Valley
Aerial view of an Amazon warehouse distribution center

2 Concerning Warehouse Injury Statistics

As a warehouse worker, sustaining an injury is a big concern. You are exposed to many serious hazards every day, so it can be helpful to know the statistics of warehouse injuries so you can do everything in your power to avoid an injury too.

Below, we’ve compiled two alarming warehouse injury statistics to give you a better understanding of the dangers this type of work can pose.

#1 - In 2021, workers in Amazon warehouses in the United States experienced injuries at twice the rate of competitor companies.

Amazon warehouse workers suffered over 34,000 severe injuries in 2021, which is twice as high as the number of serious injuries at non-Amazon warehouses.

In fact, between 2020 and 2021, the injury rate at Amazon warehouses grew by a whopping 20 percent.

What’s more, Amazon employed a third of all the warehouse workers in the United States but accounted for just about half (49%) of all injuries sustained in the entire warehouse industry.

#2 - Warehouse workers most commonly experience fatal injuries due to forklift truck overturning.

Studies show over 40% of fatal injuries are the result of a forklift overturning or tipping. Comparatively, just 10% of fatal accidents in warehouses occur as a result of getting struck by a forklift.

We’re Here for Injured Warehouse Workers

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