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Value of Minor Injuries

Your personal injury attorney in Modesto can explain the difference between a minor injury claim and a major injury claim. Specifically, your personal injury attorney in Modesto can explain that a minor injury claim may sound misleading because an injury can be considered “minor” while it still may be having a significant impact on your life and ability to work. A construction worker


The official definition that your personal injury attorney in Modesto may provide about a minor injury is an injury that does not result in a permanent injury and does not impair the injured individual’s ability to return to work after the healing process has transpired.


Additionally, your personal injury attorney in Modesto may discuss the factors that insurance adjusters may consider in determining the value of your claim. One such factor is the type of injury that you sustain. Insurance adjusters more readily believe those injuries that can be proven through objective evidence, such as an x-ray, lab report or other medical documentation that is based on more than your subjective complaints. These types of injuries may include broken bones. Insurance adjusters may be less ready to believe that a plaintiff has suffered from an injury that is harder to prove, such as soft tissue injuries.

Your personal injury attorney in Modesto can explain that the insurance adjuster will likely review medical reports and other pertinent records. He or she may look into whether there are any potential areas of contention, such as with injuries that only result in pain and discomfort or whether there was a pre-existing injury.

Even when an insurance adjuster fully believes that you have suffered an injury, your personal injury attorney in Modesto may warn you that he or she may attempt to minimize the extent or effect of that injury. In this manner, the adjuster may attempt to decrease the potential value of the claim. In order to counteract this suggestion, your personal injury attorney in Modesto may insist the veracity of the injury can be proven due to the effect, such as your inability to work or return to previous activities that you enjoyed. Another method of proving the extent of the injury is to provide testimony through witnesses who can discuss how they had to assist you while you were injured.

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