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Top 5 Most Common Warehouse Accidents

As a worker, you never expect to go into your job and potentially suffer significant injuries. However, several industries have potentially dangerous aspects that can result in long-term damages. One such worksite is a warehouse, where there are many elements that workers use that may be harmful because of misuse, lack of safety protocols, or negligence.

A warehouse accident can be devastating to experience, and if you endure harm, you should know what rights and options you have. Below, we’ll detail some of the dangers you may encounter. When you know some of the most common warehouse accidents, you can take steps to stay as safe as possible in your workplace.

Here are some of the most common warehouse accidents:

  1. Forklift accidents
  2. Slip and fall accidents
  3. Falling objects
  4. Rack collapses
  5. Repetitive motion stress

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Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are standard machinery in warehouses, and countless employees use them to lift heavier objects and pallets onto shelves and racks. Operating a forklift requires care and attentiveness, but some workers may lose focus while operating the forklift, or the heavy machinery may be defective. It helps workers to fully understand their forklift and analyze any possible hazards before operating one.

Forklift accidents often involve crushing injuries that can be life-threatening.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Whether there is wiring or cords along the floor, a slippery patch, or a liquid spill, there’s plenty of potential for slip and fall accidents in warehouses. These are some of the most dangerous types of accidents because they can cause spine and brain injuries.

A slip and fall accident is preventable, but it requires workers to be vigilant and pay close attention to what may be on the floor.

Falling Objects

In a warehouse, workers place many items and merchandise on racks and shelving. Unfortunately, this means there’s always the risk that something can fall and hit someone working on the floor below. Unfortunately, some heavier or sharper items could lead to severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries.

Rack Collapses

Many warehouses have pallet racks where they put merchandise. When stowing merchandise properly, there should be no problems. However, when an error occurs, it can cause the whole rack to collapse. If anyone is in the collapsing rack’s general vicinity, it can cause significant harm from heavy objects falling on a worker.

To keep employees safe, here are a few things that can be done to help, including:

  • Regularly checking and maintaining racks
  • Keeping heavier items closer to the ground
  • Ensuring there’s enough space to load products

Repetitive Motion Stress

Far too often, people discount how dangerous repetitive motion stress can be. Specific actions done over and over again can lead to severe injuries, including strains, sprains, back pain, and more. Over time, significant amounts of work can cause wear and tear on the body, potentially leading to long-term problems that cause workers to miss work.

It’s crucial for employers to protect workers. Employees should know how to keep themselves safe whenever they are in a potentially harmful workplace.

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