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How Insurance Claims Adjusters Will See Red Flags In Certain Personal Injury Cases

Claims adjusters from insurance companies are trained to look for certain red flags when reviewing claims from medical personnel, union members, and law enforcement officers.

How Medical Personnel Can Raise Concerns With Adjusters

Since ambulance workers are naturally at the scene of accidents, they often have links to legal firms and will send them possible cases. Since they have medical experience and know people in the personal injury legal field, they can help the claim appear more viable than it is. That holds true for all medical workers like doctors and nurses as well.

Law Enforcement And Union Members

A union will usually have certain law firms and attorneys they send cases to. The same lawyers will represent a large number of union members. The medical experts they use will help the attorneys with favorable diagnosis and testimony. Claims adjusters will look for specific areas of expertise in the witnesses and scrutinize them as the investigation moves forward. Law enforcement will be told that they can make significant money through litigation.

How Rental Vehicle Accidents Can Arouse Suspicion

If there was a rental vehicle crash and it happened with no other cars or witnesses around, the system is ripe for abuse. Personal items can be listed as ruined in an accident or it can be said that the vehicle was poorly maintained. Since the police investigation in a remote area will be limited and there’s no one to contradict the claimant, this is an easy situation to be padded.

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